Walid Bukhari
DreamerVertical Cover.jpg

Who Is The Dreamer?

The Dreamer was a month long personal project, where the purpose was to display pride in chasing your dreams, but I got ahead of myself. I realized I had to understand who the dreamer was and what dreaming meant to me before I could express any pride in this. So I explored the identity through type in this publication and pride through apparel.

The publication touches on notes of self identity, grandeur and imagination, doubts, and confidence. After the exploration of identity in the publication I was able to display the confidence of the dreamer through apparel. Your dream is a very pure and original thought, this exploration is about finding you and being confident about what you want from life. 

By the end of the month the project was a completed and printed publication, personally screen printed apparel, and photographs for the apparel and documentation of the project.